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Hi, I'm Dr. Khushboo Shah... a dentist by education, an Access Consciousness Facilitator by choice. My journey with Access officially began in January 2014, when I chose to become an Access Bars Faciliator. And boy!...Am I glad I made that choice. Up until then .. to put in simple words..I wasn't a very happy person. Not happy with work, felt detached from almost everyone and everything..did not really like myself very much (and that's putting it mildly :P). But...ALL OF THIS CHANGED! ...everything!!!! Fast forward 5 years down the line...I now have three businesses, money is easy, there's a sense of communion with my body like never before and this inherent sense that I'm not alone! The earth, the universe ...literally every molecule has my back..and this is a sense I cannot justify using just words! Its the sense that plants have, nature has...! It's like being a baby again ... the wide eyed curiosity and the wonder with which we perceived the world when we were first born is back!...and not just back but exponentialised!!!!!! So if you're looking for that wondrous joy again.. be it with our body, be it with money, be it with relationships or be it with our beautiful planet Earth...come experience this weird whacky world called Accessing Consciousness with me! 

What if you were the gift , the possibility that the Earth, that world has been waiting for?????

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